Environmental & IPC/Industrial Emissions Licence Monitoring

Environmental/IPPC Licence MonitoringThe Protection of the Environment Act 2003 gives effect to the Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) Directive and detailed procedures concerning the IPC and Industrial Emissions licensing processes are set out in the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acts 1992 to 2011 and the associated licensing regulations.

IPC and Industrial Emissions licenses aim to prevent or reduce emissions to air, water and land, reduce waste and use energy/resources efficiently. An IPC or Industrial Emissions licence covers all emissions from a facility and its environmental management. Before a licence is granted, the facility must satisfy the EPA the emissions resulting from its activities do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact.

AQUALAB can provide the following accredited analyses for companies wishing to comply with IPC  and Industrial Emissions requirements and indeed to any private individual or company concerned about their impact on the environment:

  • pH
  • BOD5 (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Suspended solids
  • Nitrate as NO3-N or NO3
  • Nitrite as NO2-N or NO2
  • Ammonia as NH3-N or NH4
  • TON (Total Oxidised Nitrogen) as N
  • DIN (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen) as N
  • Orthophosphate as PO4-P

The following analyses are also available and performed to the same high standards as accredited tests:

  • Total phosphorous
  • Oils, fats & grease
  • Conductivity

AQUALAB can analyse a wide range of sample types including trade wastes, treated effluent, saline water, surface water, ground water and river & lake water.