Chemical Analysis

Chemical AnalysisWe can provide a comprehensive testing service which will help your company meet all of its regulatory requirements regarding food and environmental safety. We can also offer advice on sampling and sampling plans.

Food and feed

  • Food safety chemistry in accordance with Regulation (EC) 2073/2005 for the fish processing industry – histamine analysis
  • Quality and freshness testing for the fish processing industry – TVBN, Fat content, Salt content
  • Accredited nutritional & proximate analysis in food and feed – protein (Kjeldahl and Dumas), oil, moisture, ash
  • Undesirable substances testing in fish and fishery derived products– Biogenic amines


  • Surface, ground, river & lake water analysis
  • Waste water analysis
  • Seawater analysis
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Accredited IPC (Integrated Pollution Control) and IE (Industrial Emissions) licence testing – pH, BOD, COD, Suspended solids, Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, DIN, TON, Orthophosphate
  • Other chemical analyses – Alkalinity, Aluminium, Anionic detergents, Calcium, Chloride, Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, Hardness, Iron, Langellier Index, Magnesium, Manganese, Oils, fats & grease, TKN, Total phosphorus